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The Nonfiction Book Academy
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What's Included?

6 Of Our Successful Authors Share Their Secrets To Writing & Profiting From Your Book

Russell Brunson

Russell is the co-founder of ClickFunnels and 4-time best selling author. Not everyone knows this, but I collaborated with Russell as ghostwriter for both Expert Secrets and his first book, DotCom Secrets. What even fewer people know is what went on behind the scenes during the writing of both books. (We'll spill all the juicy details in this one.)
In this interview you'll discover:

  • For a life-changing book, know the difference between good and great (5:10)
  • How to reverse-engineer a book so it’s written to inspire, educate, and sell (9:00)
  • How expertly written books can work together AND stand alone (14:45)
  • ​Why Russell deleted the first draft of Expert Secrets in front of a live Snapchat audience (18:32)
  • ​What YOU need to do to write a deeply meaningful book that will serve you and your business for decades to come (24:57)

Cristy "Code Red" Nickel

Cristy has been helping people lose weight and take their lives back for almost 20 years now. But it wasn’t until she wrote her book The Code Red Revolution that her business really took off. (By “took off,” I mean she went from being on food stamps to making $10 million in 3 years!)

In this interview you'll discover:
  • ​How Cristy’s book allowed her to grow from helping one person at a time to reaching hundreds of thousands of people in just three years (4:55)
  • ​How to write for a ripple effect that expands your influence and business (7:35)
  • ​How we consciously built Cristy’s book to stand out in an oversaturated market of diet & fitness books (15:11)
  • ​Which books get 100% engagement and how to make sure your reader doesn’t lose interest (17:49)

Annie Grace

After a few experiments and a TON of research, Annie self-published her first book, This Naked Mind. (True story--she first released it as a PDF online and over 20,000 people downloaded it in the first two weeks!)

People loved it, but she knew she needed to make it more accessible, and that’s when she met me. Together, we wrote The Alcohol Experiment, which was published by Penguin Random House and has since sold over 65,000 copies in three years!

In this interview you'll discover:
  • How accessibility and readability will help you reach more of your audience (4:57)
  • ​How collaboration can save time and produce game-changing ideas (8:45)
  • ​The pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, from a highly successful author who has done both 14:50
  • ​How being traditionally published has NOTHING to do with an author’s validity (16:55)
  • ​Why it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to write your book (24:43)

Rich Brooks

Author of The Lead Machine and a 20-year+ marketing genius, Rich is an remarkable business owner. A few years ago, he came to me for help writing his book, which has since helped him dramatically scale his local digital marketing agency.

In this interview you'll discover:
  • ​What event organizers and speaker bureaus actually look for in potential speakers (1:50)
  • ​How talking with a book expert can help you develop a life-changing framework (2:27)
  • ​How authoring a business book will change your ability to get speaking gigs (5:35)
  • ​How to write with genuine voice and create a truly readable book (16:12)
  • ​When and what you should outsource instead of DIY (24:55)

Juju Hook

JuJu is a phenomenal businesswoman with decades of experience in the corporate world, both as an employee and the owner of a branding agency.

A few years ago, JuJu decided to write one of my favorite books: Hot Flashes, Carpools & Dirty Martinis. This book is one-of-a-kind. Not only is it packed with hilarious and relatable stories, it also successfully bridges the gap between memoir and business book.

In this interview you'll discover:
  • ​The importance of a solid framework (5:28)
  • ​How to use your audience’s objections to create a book that will do them the most good (9:20)
  • ​How to harness your readers’ differences to create a hard-hitting, multifaceted book (15:07)
  • ​Why you shouldn’t ask permission to write your book (25:37)
  • ​How to navigate the sea of opinions and do what’s right for YOU (29:00)

 Paul Avins

This 17-year veteran entrepreneur is just dynamite. He’s built multiple successful businesses and authored five books, and is a sought-after coach, trainer, and consultant.
In this extended interview we discuss the 5 roadblocks every author faces. These obstacles have the power to stop you for months or even years. They are the reason most people who start a book never finish!

In this interview you'll discover:
  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immedia
  • ​The secret to overcoming writer’s block (5:20)
  • ​Three things that will make your book stand out above the rest (10:14)
  • ​How rocking English in High School might be a disadvantage when it comes to writing a book (19:53)
  • ​The point where EVERY author gets stuck (the one NOBODY sees coming) (26:15)
  • ​Four things authors get WRONG with their covers (36:30)
  • ​Why so many authors NEVER get their books done (and how you can avoid that fate) (43:30)
  • ​How the “butt-in-chair” willpower writing method is actually preventing you from finishing your book (and what to do instead) (46:36)
  • ​The book that taught me how ANY business can change lives with a book (52:35)
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